“We're fascinated by the words- but where we meet is in the silence behind them.”  - Ram Dass

For me... yoga is a transformational life practice. In such a profound way, yoga continues to lead me on a multifaceted and expansive journey of discovery and connectedness. I believe that yoga, in its many forms, when applied and practiced appropriately, has the potential to complement any walk of life.


On the mat, I encourage students to build a new and profound relationship with the mind, body, and spirit. My classes are intentionally designed to provide a safe space where students of all levels can sink deep into a challenging, dynamic and rejuvenating flow. You'll find that my teaching style is infused with authenticity and sweetness whereby the teachings of yoga are delicately interwoven into the practice. I hope that each experience on the mat will provide a platform for students to take the practice into their everyday lives with a nourished body, a full heart, and an open mind. 

EYRT - 200



Forever and always a student, these are some of the teachers

I enjoy learning from and practicing with: 

Yoga Flow SF Teacher Training - 200 hours 
Teachers: Annah Hughes, Christie Marshall, Tom Lee, Wah, Kate Holcombe, Dr. Paul Roche


Bhakti Flow Teacher Training - 100 hours 
Teachers: Rusty Wells, Luke Ketterhagen, and Jason Crandell


Bhakti Flow Advanced Teacher Training - 50 hours

Teachers: Rusty Wells + Stephane & Jessica Dreyfus


Sadhana Immersion with Janet Stone - 40 hours

Advanced Assisting with Janet Stone - 40 hours

5 Days 5 Deities with Janet Stone - 40 hours


Pranayama Teacher Training 

with The Breath Center & Michael Brian Baker - 60 hours


Non-Violent Communication & Restorative Yoga 

with Judith Hanson Lasater - 25 hours


Forrest Yoga 

with Ana Forrest & Jose Calarco - 10 hours


Britany Paradis Yoga I San Francisco
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Britany Paradis Yoga I San Francisco
Britany Paradis Yoga I San Francisco
Britany Paradis Yoga I San Francisco
Britany Paradis Yoga I San Francisco
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