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February 16-19, 2024

Yoga & Climbing Retreat

El Potrero Chico Parque - Hildalgo, Mexico

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What to Expect on this Adventure

Retreat Details and Travel Planning

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What's included

  • Transportation from Monterrey International Airport upon arrival and departure 

  • Transportation to and from all climbing (at this location, we will walk to the climbing together. It's about 10 minutes from La Posada) 

  • 4-days of lodging and accommodations

  • 4-days of meals: breakfast, lunch + snacks, and dinner

  • 4-days Professional guided climbing and yoga instruction

  • Daily climbing clinics with one-on-one attention

  • A daily yoga practice with recovery movement and breathwork

  • Climbing ropes and quick draws

  • Gratuities for hotel and restaurant services

  • 4 days of endless fun, community, learning, and psych!

Climbing skills taught on this trip

  • All levels are welcome! 

  • Lead and top rope climbing and belaying

  • Anchor systems and rope management

  • Safety management and rappelling technique

  • Multi-pitch sport climbing w/ rope and anchor systems (if requested)

  • You can opt to stay a few extra days to work with Erik one-on-one to learn more in-depth multi-pitch skills and/or achieve big multi-pitch objectives (ex: 6-24 pitch climbs), experience and skill dependent. 

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to hike two miles over varied terrain while carrying a 15 lb backpack

  • Ability to do 20 squats and 1 pull up

  • Must be 18 years of age or older

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Lodging Options

  • Private Rooms - $2,800

  • Add Additional Person to Private Room (Must Share Bed) - $2,400

  • Bed in the Casa Chica (2 Beds Total) - $2,200

  • Bed in Shared Rooms (2 Beds Per Room) - $2,050

  • Bed in Glamping Tents (2 Beds Per Tent) - $1,750

  • Bed in Bunk Room (2 Beds Per Room) - $1,450

*Payment plans are available. Must be paid in full by 1/08/24.

Site Amenities 

  • Wifi

  • Swimming Pool and Fire pit

  • Mountain Views 

  • Slackline and Hammocks 

  • A restaurant serving food all day with coffee and pastry options

  • A bar with speciality cocktails

  • Optional community kitchen or private kitchen, lodging dependent 

  • Outdoor lounge areas with covered patio seating

Share a room

  • If you're comfortable sharing a bed you can book a room and add an additional person at checkout.  

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What's not included

  • Airfare

  • Climbing gear: climbing shoes, harness and helmet; atc guide and grigri, PAS or personal anchor system (all are required) 

  • Travel yoga mat (required)

  • Trip protection, medical expenses, accident coverage

  • Gratuities to guides and yoga teacher (We recommend $250-$500 experience dependent)

Packing requirements & Details to note

  • Bring your Passport (if it applies, your REAL ID and proof of vaccination). We, however, will not ask for vaccination statuses. 

  • Required equipment:

    • climbing shoes, harness and helmet

    • atc guide and grigri

    • personal anchor system (PAS)

    • a travel yoga mat 

    • a journal, a pencil or pen

    • a jacket and layers to prepare for fluctuations in the weather

    • a bathing suit if you'd like to swim

    • a headlamp with extra batteries 

  • You'll fly into Monterrey, Mexico. This is the closest International Airport

  • Download the Google Translate App. This will make communication a little easier while in Mexico.

  • On your cell phone carrier, you will need to activate your international plan upon arrival (usually it comes through via text).

  • If you don't want to use your cell phone carrier, download WhatsApp 

  • Consider having pesos. You can exchange dollars for pesos or use the ATM at the Monterrey Airport. 

  • The climbing area is in Potrero Chico Parque, just a short walk from our accommodations.

  • This is the Mountain Project link to the EPC climbing area (El Potrero Chico). You may want to download the Mountain Project App and the park area before arriving.

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Yoga Mat
Above the Clouds
Travel Polaroids
Registration Opens Soon!

Meet your Climbing Guide

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