Gratitude changes everything

I spent a lot of time in though on Thanksgiving contemplating the meaning of this day. Where it originated, the many people that came before us and called this continent their home, all of the things I'm grateful for, and naturally, how long it would take to bake two pies and be out the door by 4:00pm. But really, Thanksgiving, it's a beautiful day of gratitude, right?

I mean, just this word alone, gratitude. It brings a whisper of stillness to all of my senses, to my body, like a moment between moments. I had a healer tell me once, that it's the space in between thoughts. I experience it as a space where I can spend a moment in eternity. Where I can bathe in the essence of spirit, of god, of an incredible and infinite connection to all things. Yes! It's gratitude! Gratitude my love, gratitude changes everything.

This act, this thought of being present in abundance and fullness is like nothing else. It isn't a big word, a concept or something we have to practice to experience. It's just simply the tuning in, to notice, to acknowledge, to see and feel all of the things that bring sustenance to life; however big or small.... I always say it's the small things that are big.

But, bringing it back... I thought about everything I was grateful for, so many things; my home, my pillows, my heater, family, friends, connection, yoga, nature, health, water, music, the ability to use my body, on and on. It's just that there was something more inside of me. I needed to dig down deep within a give words to this feeling I have inside of me. I wanted to give words to the deep and profound gratitude I have for the way god manifests in my life; so sweetly and so clearly. I wanted to to be able to describe the depth of this feeling because it could be so many things; joy, love, happiness, freedom, bliss, tranquility....

It came to me while my head was upside down. I was blow drying my hair. Maybe the words seeped out of my heart and trickled into my thoughts. But it manifested into words.... I am so grateful to experience the world, this human experience through the endless expanse of my heart. I am so grateful to be able to experience god in each and every moment.

Just go to the heart and you'll find all that you thought you were missing.

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