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Hi, I'm Britany Paradis

I am a yoga teacher and a climbing enthusiast living in San Francisco, CA. 

Yoga and climbing are the great loves of my life. And it is my hope to share the practices and teachings with you so that as life's ups and downs come your way, you will have tools to navigate in ways that empower and support your growth - mind, body, spirit. 

Join me for a weekly vinyasa class on Wednesdays, travel with me to Mexico for a Yoga & Climbing Retreat, explore my private and corporate class options, or book a private breathwork session.

Britany Paradis Yoga & Climbing
Britany Paradis Yoga & Climbing
Britany Paradis Yoga & Climbing
Britany Paradis Yoga & Climbing
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January 13-16, 2023

Join Britany and Erik for 4-days of professional climbing instruction, yoga + restorative movement, fireside chats, delicious food, community, and fun, in one of the most sought-after climbing destinations on this side of the Atlantic; Potrero Chico, Mexico!

Save $100 with discount code NEWYEAR23. Available now until Christmas!

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