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Britany Paradis Yoga
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Travel the world and do what you love! Join Britany for a yoga and climbing retreat in beautiful destinations around the world!

Britany Paradis Yoga & Climbing
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Britany Paradis Yoga & Climbing
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Britany Paradis Yoga & Climbing
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Britany Paradis Yoga & Climbing
Britany Paradis Yoga
Yoga Mats
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Weekly Class Schedule

Join me for a vinyasa class in Salt Lake City, UT


Hi, I'm Britany Paradis

First and foremost a student, I am deeply committed to living and sharing the practices of yoga and climbing in a joyful, authentic and accessible way. My path as a teacher began in 2015 in the city of San Francisco and continues today in Salt Lake City, UT.

On the mat, I'm passionate about creating a safe space where students of all levels and walks of life can enjoy a well-balanced, dynamic, and intelligently sequenced class. The teachings of yoga are timeless and the benefits are exponential. It is my hope that each experience on the mat will inspire students to take the practice into their everyday lives, equipped with the tools to support and empower their growth – mind, body, and spirit.

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Britany Paradis I Salt Lake City, UT

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