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Join me for weekly vinyasa classes, adventure with Yoga & Climbing Retreats, explore my private and corporate class options, or book a private breathwork session.

Weekly Yoga Classes

Tuesdays 8:00am - Slow Flow 

at YogaSix Fort Union


Tuesdays 7:30pm - Vinyasa Flow 

at Momentum Climbing Gym Millcreek


Wednesdays 8:30pm - Power Flow

at YogaSix Sugarhouse


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Yoga in the Workplace

Yoga is the perfect way to build a collaborative environment, boost well-being and morale, decrease stress, and increase productivity.

Corporate yoga classes are 30-75 minute sessions designed

to create space in the body and mind so that those of all

levels can lengthen, strengthen and relax.


Types of classes offered: 

Vinyasa Flow 

Slow Flow

Align & Restore

Meditation & Mindfulness


Individual and group sessions are available

Offered in-person and online

Meditation Class

Private Yoga Instruction

Take your practice to the next level with one on one attention. 

With private yoga lessons, you'll receive the support and instruction you need to reach your goals - mind, body, and spirit.

Individual and group sessions are available

Offered in-person and online

Exercising Barefoot

Breathwork Coaching Sessions

The ultimate self-care practice for transformation.

Science has shown that breathwork...​​

Helps to alleviate chronic pain, depression, and anxiety

Helps to process emotions and heal trauma  

Balances cortisol levels and decreases stress

Boosts the immune system and metabolism 

Resets and reprograms the nervous system

Provides deep rest and relaxation 

Increases creativity, productivity, and self-awareness

Individual and group sessions are available

Offered in-person and online

Kundalini Yoga Breathing
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January 12-15,2024

Join Britany and Erik for 4-days of professional climbing instruction, yoga + restorative movement, fireside chats, delicious food, community, and fun in one of the most sought-after climbing destinations on this side of the Atlantic; Potrero Chico, Mexico!

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